3210 South SW Loop 23, Tyler, United States

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Current Bed Bug Infestation Risk: 1.25
Location Has 1 Bed Bug Report (0 Disputed)
Last Bed Bug Report: May 10, 2013
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Average Level of Infestation Reported: 0/4

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Submitted by A Vince
August 19, 2013
Infestation Date: 05/10/2013
Hotel Bed Bug Response: N/A
Bed Bug Infestation Level: 2/4
Lindsay E from TripAdvisor reports a bed bugs encounter at Value Place Tyler during a May 2013 stay.

Reporter stated that when he got home that and he realized that they were attacked by bed bugs. The bites were so bad that reporter actually had an allergic reaction and had to seek out medical attention.




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