239 Central Ave, Hot Springs, United States

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Current Bed Bug Infestation Risk: 1
Location Has 1 Bed Bug Report (0 Disputed)
Last Bed Bug Report: September 12, 2007
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Average Level of Infestation Reported: 0/4

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Submitted by A vince
March 28, 2013
Infestation Date: 09/12/2007
Hotel Bed Bug Response: N/A
Bed Bug Infestation Level: 2/4
Doctor111 from TripAdvisor reports a bed bug encounter at Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa during a September 2007 stay.

Reporter said that they originally had booked the stay for 3 nights but decided to check out early and leave as on the 3rd morning he work up to bug bites on his hands and legs. Earlier he discounted that due to the fact that they had visted the Garavan Gardens nearby. After seeing his doctor he learnt those were bed bug bites. He brought that to the notice of the hotel management and asked to be reimbursed for the 2 night stay to compensate for his doctors visit and medication but they quickly decided not to do what was right.




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