8505 West State Road 56, French Lick, United States

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Current Bed Bug Infestation Risk: 1
Location Has 1 Bed Bug Report (0 Disputed)
Last Bed Bug Report: July 18, 2012
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Average Level of Infestation Reported: 0/4

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Submitted by A vince
May 29, 2013
Infestation Date: 07/18/2012
Hotel Bed Bug Response: N/A
Bed Bug Infestation Level: 1/4
luvs2go2 form trip adviser reports a bed bug encounter at Big Splash Adventure Resort during July 2012 stay.

reporter wrote that when they pulled back the covers there were several bed bugs. When talking to the manager, he asked if they wanted another room. Reporter denied the offer, then the manager gave them their full refund.




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